Saturday, December 22, 2012

Santa Claus is coming to Versailles

"My beloved child, your kind letter brought me a lot of pleasure. Here I'm sending you my portrait. You see, the postman found me, he's a clever one! I have received a lot of requests. I don't know if I will be able to get you what you wished for. I will try, but I am old and sometimes I can make mistakes. You have to forgive me. Be good, work well, I'm giving you a big kiss! Santa" wrote Françoise Dolto 50 years ago, and the rest is, how they call it, history.

And after all these years Père Noël looks fresher than never, as his about 60 French female assistants can attest with wholehearted enthusiasm. He's amazingly fit too! This year he managed to gather almost 2 million letters from France or abroad, all by himself, to his nice cozy South Western residence in Libourne near Bordeaux where he keeps his headquarters. Yes: there is no North Pole in France, you know it, so the French have chosen a more original approach to the matter, like they do with any matter!

Everyone who ever wrote to Santa in France by December 20 in the last 50 years received a personalized message on a post card, signed by Santa himself. And better, ever since Santa became a fierce Internet buff, you can write him online and go play with his apps.

Here's Santa in Versailles, the suit adorned with fleur-de-lis:

Did you write your letter to Père Noël?

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