Saturday, February 16, 2013

Price-less: Rock me, Versailles!

Versailles isn't a city easily associated to rock music, that's why I've been more than curious to go see the concert of three local rock bands, in my quest for things to do in Versailles at a low (or no) price.

This is the second year when the municipality organizes the rock contest "Les vendredis du rock" (=The Rock Fridays) in a somewhat sterile, closely supervised space at the sports center Richard Mique - and I can tell you that I deeply felt that arid environment: I so missed a beer to go with the music and drown my teenage memories! But since the event is specifically aimed to teenagers I had to go cold turkey and was forced to admire those (more or less) teenagers in all their splendor and awkwardness. Without even being able to blame it all on the alcohol!...

The contest rules say that the public has to vote a band who will qualify to the finale (that's going to take place in April) so three groups were enthusiastically parading on stage and, culturally only!, fought to find out who's the fairest of them all. More than a hundred people attended the concert and if we count at least a few family and friends for each of the 16 artists who played on stage, that makes it half of the audience. And, yes, it wouldn't have been that easy to find a bar able to host us all, so long for my beer lust!...

I am a grumbler by nature (hello to all my fellows out there!) but I can say that this wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and I found the sound better than expected thanks to the classical studies underwent by some of the band members - at the Versailles Conservatory, of course! One pianist couldn't detach himself from the elegant ingrained moves of the classical piano playing while a lead guitar player was so correctly dressed with such nice dressy shoes that it was a show in itself to just watch them!

Rock in Versailles rulzzz!!! <devil horn sign> assorted with <head banging>!!!

Here are the rock stars in the making (and I'm sure waves and waves of high school groupies will fall for, ahem!, the young and the cool ones - I would!!... If I were them, I mean!... the groupies, that is...):


Core of Heaven:

The Probs:

And so The Probs won (better PR!)

See you on March 22nd at the Atelier Numérique for an unplugged rock session, then in April for the final round of this year's Vendredis du Rock in Versailles!

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