Sunday, March 3, 2013

Price-less: Welcome to my castle!

Today I have finally opened the doors of *my* Versailles castle (for the first time on my blog) and it's only because today the access to it is free and follows the rule of my series about things to do for free in Versailles! Every first Sunday of the month, from November to Mars, everyone can freely visit the castle and the gardens at no cost. Even more, the access won't cost you a dime the other days either, if you're under 18yo or under 26yo and coming from a country member of the EU. You-hoo!!! (I'm only happy for you, 'cause, in my case, I've long passed both deadlines...)

Today I've also ordered a nice (almost) blue sky to come along with you and a big gold sun to wonderfully keep an eye on you while you have to leave the place full of regrets: I should've woke up earlier to have enough time to see everything!

Rest assured, you will never have time to visit the castle and the gardens in one day, you will definitely have to come back!

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