Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring has sprung in Versailles

It's spring, it's spring! (jumping, jumping!!!) Spring has finally arrived in Versailles (which explains why people spend most of their time in totally other places than sitting at their computer to write for their Versailles blog - I'm not talking about anyone in particular here...). And to top it off, there is still light outside, at 9pm, which is just amazing and makes the winter feel so far away, youu-hooo! Oh, and since I'm never happy (I'm about to become too Frenchie I'm afraid) we don't have leaves in the trees yet, which is a turn-off, but despite this major drawback we survived and could take a magic walk today to rediscover the charms of the Versailles' Sunday market, under a splendid sun.

It was a perfect day, finally!


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