Tuesday, September 25, 2012

я русский in Versailles

A few days ago I received an invitation to the live preview of the new album of Philippe Jaroussky, "La voix des rêves" (The voice of dreams), at the Versailles Royal Opera House, a concerto where most of the tickets were already sold in private sales, I am kindly informed. The thing wasn't made public to the common of mortals but these last few days before the event (and we were only left with the cheapest tickets, if you please!)

Well, I wasn't too surprised, knowing that Philippe Jaroussky is the adored talented and spoiled child of the baroque music in Versailles. He's the most famous French countertenor, he sings like an angel, is native of Yvelines (was born in Maisons-Laffitte) and owes his last name to his grandfather and an impetuous French civil servant:

the brave Russian man, fleeing the 1917 Revolution, was asked his name when he arrived at the French border; at which he said: "Ya Russky" ("I am Russian"). They called it a name and two generations later a star was born and made it famous.

A countertenor is a male classical singer who uses his head voice to sing in an upper vocal range, something like a (mezzo-)soprano - think Julie Andrews in "The sound of music", but tenfold more spectacular, considering that the singer is a man. How can I describe how wonderful, funny and creative Philippe is? Here's a sample of his work with Christina Pluhar's Arpeggiata:

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