Saturday, October 6, 2012

Our Versailles white night is whiter than yours

The days are getting shorter at an alarming pace and winter will soon knock at my door finding me bitterly crying over summer (yes, it's still me, the same crazy one who wasn't that happy with the Versailles summer only few weeks ago!... who can understand women, right?...)

In the lost paradise it used to get dark at around 11pm, the rain wasn't that stinging, the wind didn't invade just everything and things would have got done with infinite more alacrity knowing that the day light was there. But then, with a shorter night we couldn't have had the White Night!

The French White Night, like its sister, Museums Night, lasts only until 1am (but then it also starts at 2pm, so overwrite for a while all your previous notions about what a night is). Throughout an evening, cities around Europe are taking art from the confined museum spaces and bring it to the streets for its citizens, in a big celebration promoting contemporary creativity and the city itself. Modern forms of art, digital included, are invading the otherwise classic buildings and squares, because nothing is untouchable, everything is good to be transfigured in the city and the art reinforces the invisible links between people and their neighborhood.

Of course, we couldn't have the same name for the White Night like those provinciaux from Paris: this year Versailles named it "Nuit de la Création"! Here's where the action takes place this year (hint: there will be music, there will be lights, there will be pictures, in short there will be art, in all forms and manifestations):

- art exhibition, from 2pm, at La Maréchalerie (Contemporary Art Center): 5, avenue de Sceaux
- piano night, from 5pm, at the Royale Factory (café théatre, café concert): 2, rue Jean Houdon
- piano night, from 7:15pm, at the Conservatoire: 24, rue de la Chancellerie
- digital art exhibition, from 8pm, at École des Beaux-Arts de Versailles (=The School of Fine Arts) and the freshly open Atelier Numérique (=The Digital Workshop): 11, Rue Saint-Simon
- piano night, from 9pm, at the City Hall, Salle des fêtes: 4, avenue de Paris
- piano night, from 10:30pm, at Le Molière (piano bar) - 10, avenue du Général de Gaulle

See you tonight! ;)

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