Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The green gold of Versailles

Every once in a while the silence of my building complex is troubled by the annoying noise of what could be a jackhammer, jet engine or a giant bumblebee. Even though there's a military base in the Versailles district of Satory (I live in Montreuil), I am quickly forced to abandon the hypothesis of a jet flying right outside my home, the same for the one involving the gigantic bumblebee (they'd destroy the tree from my window and I can see it clearly, this very moment, from where I'm sitting...)

What's more, the impeccable streets were already repaired during the summer break so I have no idea what's going on. I'm fretting with frustration: I have a deadline, merde! There are people working around here, helloooo!?!... I can't react yet because I'm in the work fever, but I manage to see someone outside, from the corner of my eye, looking like the gold seekers that so amused me the last summer on a beach near Montpellier, carrying some complicated metal detector gear and totally focused on the task. The only problem left to solve is that the gold seekers I knew were extremely discreet and this one, exasperatingly, isn't!

I hurry to seclude my place against the hostile sounds and I finally understand everything when a divine smell tingles my senses: it's the smell of freshly-cut grass and the guy cuts it on the lawn corners with his detector-like tool to refine the places that the big lawn mower didn't reach...

It gets on my nerves that he did it to me once more but I've already forgiven him as I dive into the freshness filled with so many childhood memories. As I do every time, I promise myself not to be caught uncovered again and don't realise that the royal calm is suddenly reinstated and floats again above the kingdom. Let's get back to work now...

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