Saturday, November 3, 2012

The War of the Worlds: Chocolate Invasion

Can you imagine having to pay a 13Eur admission fee to enter a place where people sell you things? And be happy, almost grateful about it? After a half an hour of queuing up in an area where you unwillingly smelled what some of the others sharing your fate ate for lunch?

It happened in France, A.D. 2012, at the Salon du chocolat Paris. Not only we've paid our privilege to get in, but we've almost become intimate with half of the population inside and nobody else seemed to have enough time to pay attention. In a big hangar packed with people we've had our moments of bliss and despair, but we couldn't leave the place until we've seen it all. Every. Single. Bit. of what was exhibited.

And chocolate wasn't missing, along with wines (and there's a full theory of which wine goes best with which kind of chocolate, there were serious conferences on the subject), macaroons, candies, cakes, bonbons, ice creams, cookies, pies, pastries, puddings, tarts, crepes, hot chocolate, mousses, even jewelries in shapes of sweets, edible silver and gold, sugar and chocolate sculptures for a contest, dresses made in chocolate and Twizy (a Renault concept car) covered in macaroons.

Thanks a lot, Marc Antoine, for providing the pictures!

I am not the best fan of chocolate, but I think I've tasted enough chocolate and cocoa beans for an entire year and then, in protest, I've spent all my cash on a kouign amann, a far breton and a slice of pain d'épices. I absolutely loved the idea of a chocolate with olive oil from l'Espérantine de Marseille, even if they wouldn't tell me how do they transform the liquid olive oil into solid, to be used instead of cocoa butter. And, the biggest thing, I found out that there's a Macaroon Museum at Montmorillon (Mont what?... seemingly it's a small city near Poitiers) but I'll put it on my visit list after the Chocolate Museum.

The frenzy around chocolate is not ready to be over yet, I'll have to exhaust all the chocolate possibilities around here so I can get it out my system, exorcise it. I hope I won't end up actually liking it...

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